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Welcome to PowerPoint School, where we show you the way to make your presentations awesome! Whether you’re new to PowerPoint presentations or a pro, we’ve got everything that you may need to create cool and impactful animated slides.

Story of PowerPoint School:

In January 2015, I first met with PowerPoint and you can say it was a love at first sight. Soon, I started spending time in PowerPoint to experience and explore for searching new ideas within this Application. It took a few months to realize how good, I was at making PowerPoint Presentations. I was being appreciated by my university professors and my friends. So, at the end of 2015, I just thought to make a random PowerPoint tutorial without any voiceover by simply recording my computer screen. After uploading that video on YouTube, I started getting some views, likes, and comments. So, I was overwhelmed by all the appreciation for a random tutorial video.

As a result, I took this seriously, and in January 2016, changed the name of my YouTube channel to “PowerPoint School“. As I was supposed to teach only PowerPoint, I just thought this name would represent my work best. That’s how it started. And so, the story continued, evolving with every tutorial, every comment, and every new subscriber.

Later, in 2017, we launched our official website powerpointschool.com for publishing free and premium PowerPoint templates. In the same year, started a small home-based office.

Our Services:

In these years, we have expanded our services from making only tutorial videos to a professional template design company. Let’s see what else we do:

YouTube Tutorials:

With around 100 quality PowerPoint Tutorial videos, we have achieved 952K+ subscribers on YouTube.

Free & Premium Templates:

In PowerPoint School, we publish Free and Premium PowerPoint Templates for presentations and animation projects for our regular audience and premium members. Our design process is unique and we always focus on visual excellence so that you can tell your story or convey a message to your listeners that can have a long-lasting impression. Even our free templates are top-notch and even better than what others charge for money.


We also provide consultancy services to businesses and individuals with our expertise to bring visual excellence to presentation design.

Our Roadmap:

See what we have achieved over these years and things that are yet to come in PowerPoint School in the upcoming days.

In 2016 (Started the Journey of PowerPoint School on YouTube)

In 2017 (Launched Our Official Website POWERPOINTSCHOOL.COM)

In 2018 (Published Our First PowerPoint Online Course on Udemy)

In 2019 (Started a Home Based Office Space for Creating Templates)

In 2020 (Achieved 500K Subscribers Milestone on YouTube)

In 2021 (Rented an Office Space & Build a Team with Expertise)

In 2022 (Two of Our Videos Got 10 Million+ Views on YT Separately)

In 2023 (Started Publishing Both Free & Premium Templates)

In 2024 (Reach the Milestone of 1M Subscribers on YouTube)

In PowerPoint School, we have always focused on quality rather than quantity. So, from the start, I spent days and weeks experimenting with new ideas. As a result, with only 100 tutorial videos, we have gained an awesome community of 956K subscribers.

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Do you have questions or want to chat? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at powerpointschoolofficial@gmail.com or find us on our social media profiles.

Nahiduzzaman Founder & CEO

E-mail: zaman@powerpointschool.com

Thanks for choosing PowerPoint School. Let’s explore the magic of PowerPoint and create mindblowing designs and animations together!