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Free PowerPoint Templates for Animated Presentations

In PowerPoint School, we always focus on creating very professional free PowerPoint templates for our audience. We always try to maintain the quality of our templates so that you can attract your audience with the best PowerPoint slides. On this page, you will find a collection of our best templates that can help you to create a standout presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s get the answer to your most-asked questions and understand the details of our free PowerPoint templates.

Why you should use our PowerPoint templates?

PowerPoint School is the largest community over the internet where we share only the best works of PowerPoint. Currently, we are being followed by 953,000+ people on YouTube. If you check our templates, you will understand how much quality we are trying to provide through our work. Here, you will get premium-quality templates for free. So, you can support us by sharing our work with others or sending us a cup of coffee. It would be highly appreciated.

Do we provide our templates for free?

Yes! All of our PowerPoint templates are free for everyone. You need not worry about hiring any PowerPoint expert or buying expensive PowerPoint templates. You can easily download our templates and edit the contents, saving you time and money. It is free for both personal and commercial purposes but do not redistribute or sell our templates to anyone and anywhere. In that case, we will take necessary legal actions.

Where you can use our templates?

If you have a great idea to present in front of your audience, our free PowerPoint templates will be the best option to add an extra vibe to your presentation. It will help you to present creatively and create a lasting impression. Most of our templates are multipurpose. That means you can use these in any type of presentation. No matter, if you are a student, teacher, businessman, entrepreneur, corporate person, content creator, or influencer, we have covered a huge collection of all types of presentation templates that you can easily edit and use.

Do we provide tutorial videos?

Yes! We always provide a tutorial video with every single template. So, from there you will get to know how to edit our free templates within a few minutes without any trouble. You can also check our YouTube Channel for more awesome tutorials.

Which version of PowerPoint do you need?

We are using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 & 2019 for creating our templates but you need not worry if you have the previous versions. Because all our templates will work in any version of PowerPoint. As well as you can use our templates in Google Slides, Keynote, or even in Canva also.

Do we provide any other templates?

Yes, we do! As well as PowerPoint presentation slides, we are also providing animated and resume templates. These are also created on PowerPoint and are very easy to edit with your information.