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Free Google Slides Themes and Templates for Presentation

Download our free Google Slides themes and templates to transform your traditional presentation slides into an engaging one. As we are providing the editable template link, you can directly edit our slides online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let’s get the answer to your most-asked questions and understand the important details of our free Google Slides themes and templates.

Why you should use our free Google Slides Themes and templates?

PowerPoint School is the largest community on the internet for creating and sharing the best presentation slides. Our Google Slides themes and templates will help you to create an extraordinary presentation slide. When we start creating a template, we always focus on our design quality. That is why all our templates look premium but we share them for free of any cost.

Do we provide our templates for free?

Yes! In PowerPoint School, we share both free PowerPoint templates and free Google Slides themes. You need not pay anything for using our templates. You can use them for personal or commercial purposes.

Where you can use our Google Slides templates?

If you are interested in making a great presentation slide, our free templates will help you. It does not matter what type of presentation you have. As we have a huge collection of Google Slides templates, you can select a specific template for your next presentation.

Are these templates easily editable?

Yes! All our templates and themes are fully customizable. You need no prior knowledge or skills to edit our templates. It will take only a few minutes to edit and you can present them wherever you want.

Why should I use Google Slides?

In PowerPoint School, we provide both PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. But nowadays many people are using Google Slides to make their presentations. As Google Slides is free for all users and they are is compatible with PowerPoint and also provides easy online access, the number of Google Slides users is increasing day by day. Now, if you prefer to use PowerPoint, check our free PowerPoint templates where you will find amazing animation works which are not available in Google Slides.