Welcome or Opening Slide for PowerPoint & Google Slides

Presentation Opening Slide Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

A welcome or opening slide is important to start your presentation by introducing the topic first. It provides a glimpse of the presentation and creates interest among your audience.

About this Animated Opening Slide

This template will allow you to add a full-width 16:9 image in the background and two custom shapes with 10% transparency along with a few editable text boxes. You can use this template as an opening slide to greet your audience during the presentations or use it as a cover page for reports.

Features of this PowerPoint Intro Slide:

  1. Introduce the topic of presentation
  2. Suitable for welcome or intro slide
  3. Includes six gradient color variants
  4. Compatible with Google Slides also
  5. Ready-tp-use image placeholder
  6. Free template to download & use

Watch this Animated PowerPoint Template:

You can watch the video to see how this animated PowerPoint opening slide looks during the presentation mode.

Get this Free Presentation Opening Slide:

Download and use this free welcome or intro PowerPoint template to start your presentation slide and introduce your topic professionally. Moreover, you can check out our other free PowerPoint welcome slides too.

Color Options for this PowerPoint Template:

Let’s take a look at the color variations that you will get with this opening PowerPoint presentation slide template.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have answered some of your questions about this animated opening or starting slide for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations

Can we download and use this template for free?

You can download this welcome slide for free and start your presentation like a professional. Also, you may check our other free welcome slide templates.

Can I use this template as a cover page for reports?

Yes, with the template file, you will also get a non-animated version that can be used as a cover page for any document or report. You can also save it in a JPG or PDF format directly from PowerPoint or Google Slides.

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