Free Animated Business SWOT Analysis Template

Free Business SWOT Analysis Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation

In PowerPoint School, we have brought another business SWOT analysis template that can help to illustrate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is an animated PowerPoint presentation slide template but will work in Google Slides, Keynote, and Canva as well.

About this Animated Business SWOT Slide

This PowerPoint SWOT analysis presentation template is fully animated, featuring four text layout options and an image placeholder. Each element of the slide is professionally animated. Additionally, it provides six different gradient color variations, allowing you to choose colors according to your preferences or needs.

Features of this SWOT Analysis Template:

  1. Fully Animated PowerPoint SWOT analysis slide
  2. Ready-to-use free SWOT presentation template
  3. Includes 6 unique gradient color combinations
  4. Drag and drop animated image placeholder
  5. Present your SWOT analysis like a professional
  6. Get both with and without animation files
  7. Get the gradient color codes with the template
  8. Easily customizable text boxes & shapes
  9. Compatible with Google Slides & Canva as well

Watch this Animated SWOT Analysis Template:

Watch the video presentation of this free animated business SWOT analysis template and get more details about it.

Get this Free Business SWOT Template:

Download our free PowerPoint SWOT analysis template featuring six pre-built gradient color themes. Additionally, explore our collection of other free SWOT analysis templates to enhance the quality of your presentation slides.

More Information About this PowerPoint SWOT Analysis Presentation Slide:

This SWOT analysis template offers four text layout options and includes an image placeholder. Use the text boxes to provide brief details about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can also add an image relevant to your SWOT presentation. It’s important to note that adding images and text won’t affect the animation settings unless you delete any elements from the slide.

Check Slides from Other Categories:

In PowerPoint School, we are covering different categories of slides that are commonly used in any type of presentation. Our available categories include welcome slides, table of contents, mission and vision slides, about slides, services slides, team members, pricing tables, SWOT analysis slides, and customer testimonials. It’s worth noting that we frequently update our slide collections, so keep an eye on each category to access the latest templates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have tried to answer some of your questions and a few important details about this free animated PowerPoint SWOT analysis template.

Where should I use this SWOT template?

In most cases, a business presentation requires a SWOT analysis slide. It helps to identify and illustrate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a particular business or industry. Whether you’re working on a presentation, report, or explainer video, or need elements for print & web, this business SWOT analysis template can be a valuable addition to your resources.

Which font have you used in this SWOT template?

In this template, we have used the Montserrat font family which is a very popular & professional-looking free Google font.

How to edit this business SWOT analysis template?

Editing is simple and quick. It’ll take just a minute if you have your text ready to replace the placeholders. Additionally, the image placeholder in this template allows you to easily add images, just drag and drop your image onto the placeholder, and your slide will be ready for presentation.

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