Animated Simple Price Table for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Free Simple Price Table for PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation

This simple price table template offers a 4-step pricing layout that can be customized to fit your specific needs. It is a pre-designed presentation template that can be easily modified by replacing the sample text and numbers with your own content.

About this Animated Simple Price Table

Likewise, our other pricing table templates, it is also designed and animated in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Though it can also be used in Google Slides. The template includes six different gradient color variations that are visually appealing, along with editable text boxes and shapes that are easy to edit and customize according to your needs.

Features of this Simple Price Table Template:

  1. 4-step simple pricing plans template
  2. Animated simple PowerPoint price table
  3. Easily editable in Google Slides as well
  4. 6 different gradient color combinations
  5. Ready-to-use presentation template
  6. Fully Editable text boxes and shapes
  7. Free to download and use anywhere

Watch the Video Presentation of this Animated Pricing Table Template:

To get a better idea of the template, watch this video, and let’s see how this animated pricing table looks during the presentation slideshow mode.

Get this Free Price Table Template:

Download this free simply animated PowerPoint pricing table and use it anywhere you prefer. Also, you can check our other free PowerPoint pricing table templates as well.

More Information About this Simple Price Table:

At PowerPoint School, we offer editable templates to help our users present like professionals with ease. Our latest simple price table template comes with six pre-built gradient color variations. The template is fully animated, but we’ve also provided a non-animated version for those who wish to use it as print material. Also, use the animated version for making presentations or promo videos.

Let’s See the Color Variations:

As mentioned earlier, this price table template comes with 6 different gradient color variations. So, let’s have a closer look and see what you will get.

Check Slides from Other Categories:

Explore our other available categories including table of contents, team members, SWOT analysis slides, and customer testimonials. Please remember that we frequently update our slide collections, so keep an eye on each category to access the latest PowerPoint templates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have tried to answer some of your questions and a few important details about this simple pricing table template.

Where should I use this pricing table template?

Pricing tables are very important for a business or corporate presentation to display different pricing plans. Our pricing tables are well-designed and have animations. So, you can use them in presentations or make videos to explain the pricing plans of your business or services. In addition, you can use these templates as print materials as well.

Do you have more pricing tables?

Yes! Check out our complete collection of animated PowerPoint pricing table templates to showcase your pricing plans through presentation slides.

How to use this pricing table in Google Slides?

It is easy to use our templates in Google Slides as well. To do so, first upload the template to your Google Drive. Then, right-click on it and choose “Open with Google Slides”. Alternatively, you can directly import the template file into Google Slides.

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