Neumorphic PowerPoint Animated Timeline Slide Template

Premium Neumorphic PowerPoint Timeline Slide Template with 5 Steps

PowerPoint timeline slide template is very useful for presenting a sequence of events, roadmaps, or milestones. It helps to gain the attention of the audience and creates an engaging environment.

About this Premium Timeline Slide Template

This timeline template is fully animated in PowerPoint and easily editable. Since we have used animations in a way that ensures they focus on the specific step or milestone you are explaining. Upon completion, the animation seamlessly transitions to the next step, and this process continues till the final step is reached. So, you can imagine how much interaction you can create throughout the presentation.

Features of this Timeline Slide Template:

  1. Create an engaging timeline presentation
  2. 5-step infographics with editable texts
  3. Professionally animated timeline design
  4. Best for history, journey, or roadmap slides
  5. Unique neumorphism design style
  6. Easily editable PowerPoint template file
  7. 6 different colors including gradients
  8. Create interactive & exciting videos as well
  9. Available for our premium members

Watch the Animated Version of this Template:

Let’s see how this animated timeline template looks during the presentation slideshow and get more details about it.

Get this Premium Timeline Slide Template:

Get access to this premium timeline slide template and create a stunning PowerPoint presentation slide within a matter of a few clicks. It is only available to our Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee members.

More Information About This Animated PowerPoint Infographic Timeline with 5 Steps:

This PowerPoint timeline slide has a neumorphic design style where you will notice a subtle soft shadow around the borders of each design element. This technique creates a sense of depth and separates each element from the background for a visually appealing presentation. Within this template, you will have the option to add text in 5 different steps. Moreover, it comes with 6 different color variations including a gradient one. So, you can pick the color according to your presentation style or mood.

Check Our 265+ Fully Animated Neumorphic Infographics Bundle:

You can get access to our amazing animated neumorphic infographics bundle where you will get 265 unique infographic PowerPoint presentation slides.

This bundle is available for our premium members in Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee sponsors. Check it out now! and level up your presentation slide design quality using this neumorphic animated infographics bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have tried to answer some of your most asked queries and discussed a few important details about this neumorphic PowerPoint animated timeline slide template.

How can I get access to this timeline slide template?

Since this timeline slide is one of our premium templates, you can become a member of Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee and get access to more exciting templates.

Do you have any free timeline templates?

Yes! In PowerPoint School, we share both free and premium templates. So, you can check out our previous creative timeline template which is available for free to download.

Where can I use this animated timeline slide?

This is a 5-step animated infographic timeline that you can use to showcase or present a sequence of events or milestones. Since it is fully animated in PowerPoint you can create engaging and interactive explainer videos as well.

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