Animated PowerPoint Steps Infographic Presentation Template

Animated Steps Infographic Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

This 5-Steps infographic presentation template can be used as a step-by-step process diagram. It is a fully animated PowerPoint template that will also work in Google Slides and Canva as well.

About this Animated Steps Infographic Template

This animated PowerPoint infographic template can be used both as a presentation slide and a video element. Its unique animation style, along with interactive and engaging features, can effectively capture the attention of your audience.

Features of this Steps Infographic Slide:

  1. Includes a step-by-step process diagram
  2. Professionally designed and animated slide
  3. Modern and creative infographic design style
  4. Create interactive and engaging presentations
  5. Compatible with any version of PowerPoint
  6. Works with Google Slide and Canva as well
  7. Download the template file and use it for free

Watch this Animated Infographic Template:

Watch the animated slideshow of this free infographic presentation template. Moreover, you can explore our other animated PowerPoint infographic steps presentation templates as well.

Get this Free Animated Infographic Template:

Download and give a try to this free animated PowerPoint 5-step infographic presentation slide. Additionally, we offer an extended version of this template with more animated steps (3, 4, 5, 6). Feel free to check that out too.

More Information About this Animated 5 Steps Infographic Presentation Slide:

This infographic presentation template has 5-step text layout options. In addition, the animation feature of this infographic template makes it more professional and visually appealing. The editing process is straightforward, simply replace the sample texts with your content, and you’re good to go.

Available Color Options for this Infographic Steps Template:

Each of our infographic step templates comes with both light and dark versions. Moreover, the gradient color combinations make it more unique and eye-catching.

Interested! in 3/4/5/6 Steps Infographic Versions:

We have an extended version of this animated PowerPoint infographic step presentation template with eight different slides, including both light and dark versions. However, the extended version is exclusively available to our Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee member. So, join us as a member to get access to all our premium templates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have tried to answer some of your queries and a few important details about this professionally animated infographic 5-step PowerPoint template.

Where can we use this steps infographic presentation template?

Whether you’re explaining a step-by-step process or creating engaging explainer videos, this animated infographic step template can significantly improve the quality of your presentation slides.

How many slides will I get with this template?

This is a free version of the Infographics Steps Template, which includes a 5-step slide with light and dark versions, totaling 2 slides. If you’re interested in getting the extended version of this template, visit our Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee page and get exclusive access.

Can I use it in Google Slides?

Absolutely! At PowerPoint School, almost all our templates work seamlessly in Google Slides without any problems. Simply, import the PowerPoint file into your Google Slides, and it will be ready for use in your presentation.

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