Free Neumorphic Animated Donut Pie Chart for PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Free Neumorphic Animated Donut Pie Chart for PowerPoint Presentation

With the help of a donut pie chart, one can represent a series of data. It can represent any category or action. For example, how much work has been completed and how much still needs to be done. You can simply show the percentage value and your audience will get it.

About this Free Animated Donut Pie Chart

This free animated donut pie chart template will help to present or compare multiple data sets or projects in a more interesting and exciting way. It will enhance the visual presentation and easily grab the attention of your audience.

Features of Animated Donut Pie Chart:

  1. Includes animated donut pie charts
  2. Suitable for presenting data sets
  3. Unique Neomorphism design style
  4. Comparison among multiple projects
  5. Easily editable and customizable
  6. Free to download and use
  7. Make Boring charts interesting

Watch this Animated KPI Chart Template:

Watch the template video and see how this template looks with the animations. You can check our other free PowerPoint Templates as well.

Get this Free Animated Pie Chart:

Download and use this free animated pie chart template to present your boring data and charts in an interesting way. In addition, you can check our other available neumorphic PowerPoint templates as well.

More Information About This Free Template:

This is a ready-to-use PowerPoint template. So, you will hardly need more than a few minutes to edit this donut pie chart template. To change the pie chart value, select the colored indicator shape and drag the right-side yellow dot to set your desired value. It is that simple!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have tried to answer some of your most asked questions about this animated neumorphic pie chart template.

Is it a free PowerPoint template?

Yes! You can download and use this animated donut pie chart template for your presentations or any other purpose that suits your needs. It is completely free for personal and even commercial use. But you are not allowed to sell or redistribute our templates anywhere or to anyone.

Where should I use this template?

It depends on your needs. If you have a presentation where presenting or comparing data sets through a pie chart is necessary, you can use this template and bring your boring data to life.

Which version of PowerPoint do I need for this template?

It will smoothly work in any latest version of MS Office PowerPoint. So, you need not to worry about that compatibility issue.

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