Free SWOT Analysis template PowerPoint by PowerPoint School

To represent the future prospect of a business model SWOT analysis is a very important part. That is why we have brought this SWOT analysis template PowerPoint. You can simply use this template in your presentation slide. 

SWOT Analysis Template PowerPoint

We have created this SWOT analysis template with some unique presentation style. When the slideshow mode is on and you press the right arrow key from your keyboard, it highlights each point one after another. That looks very attractive and unique.

Features of this SWOT Analysis template

  • Unique presentation style
  • Includes both with animation and without animation files
  • Perfect template for presenting your SWOT analysis data
  • Free for personal and commercial purpose

Watch the template video

We believe video is a better option for understanding anything over the internet. That’s why we have created this particular video so that you can get all the necessary information about editing this SWOT analysis template.

Get this PowerPoint presentation template

Download this SWOT analysis template for free. After downloading the zip file, extract it and then you will see two different file option, one is with animation and another one is without animation. For more free PowerPoint templates and free Google Slides themes, kindly check our other templates.


Information about this template

With this SWOT analysis template PowerPoint file, you will get two different options one is with animation and another one is without animation. We have discussed some brief information below.

Category 01 Without Animation:

If you open the without animation file, You will see we have provided four different PowerPoint slides. When you start the slideshow and start changing the slides one after another, it seems a single slide. Editing this without animation file will take a few more minutes than the animation file cause here we have four different slides and you have to add your same text multiple times.

Category 02 With Animation:

If you feel more comfortable to use the animation file, you can simply use it. We have provided both. Here we have added the same effect within a single slide with the help of PowerPoint animation tool. If you start the slideshow and press the arrow key from your keyboard, you will see the same exact animation effect. If you edit this animation file, it will be easier for you cause here you need not add the same text in multiple slides.


If you have enjoyed this SWOT analysis PowerPoint template, make sure you share this work with your friends and don’t forget to check our other free PowerPoint templates

Frequently Asked Questions:

We have tried to answer some of your common questions. If you have any further queries, feel free to ask.

Is it a free SWOT analysis template?

Yes! It is a free template. You can use it for both personal and commercial purpose. But you cannot sell or redistribute any of our items. 

Which version of PowerPoint do I need to use this template?

This particular template will work fine in any versions of PowerPoint. It doesn’t matter which version you have.



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