Free Technology Icons Set For PowerPoint and Google Slides

Free Technology Icons Set for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Illustrator

This free technology icons set includes 24 unique and professionally designed icons in 6 different color styles. These icons are easily editable in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Adobe Illustrator. Additionally, we also provide PNG format icons, making it convenient for users who prefer that format.

About this Free Technology Icons Pack

Within this template, you will get icons of artificial intelligence, VR box, drone, headset, gamepad, projector, TV, radio, computer, USB drive, server, battery, router, network, Wi-Fi, signal, face ID, fingerprint scan, security camera, coding, settings, and more. Additionally, you may explore our other Business, Education, E-commerce, and Finance icon sets as well.

Features of this PowerPoint Icons Pack:

  1. 24 unique technology-related icons
  2. Line icons with duo-tone, and gradient
  3. Professional icons for all use cases
  4. Get editable PPT file and PNG format
  5. Compatible with Google Slides as well
  6. Download & use anywhere you want

Watch the Video Presentation of These Icons:

You can watch the video presentation of this tech icon set and see what you will get with the template file.

Get this free Technology Icons Set:

Download this set of free technology icons to get 24 unique icons in 6 different color styles. In total, you will get 144 icons along with an editable PPT file and high-quality PNG icons as well. If you would like to contribute to our work, you can become a member on our Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee page and gain access to our premium template collections.

Light Version (Icons Set):

Let’s see what color options you will get with the light version of this icon set.

Dark Version (Icons Set):

Also, take a look at the available color options for the Dark version as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have answered some of your questions and discussed a few important details about this icon set.

Can I download these icons for free?

Yes, similar to our other free PowerPoint icons, you can download this set of technology icons for free and use them anywhere you want.

Where should I use these tech icons?

Our icons have various use cases. For example, you can use them in presentations, web, print purposes, design elements, and even create videos.

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