Free Business Icon Pack

Free Business Icon Set of 24 Line, Duo-tone & Gradient Color Styles

Icons are graphical symbols that can enhance visual communication and user experience. It helps to represent any objects, topics, or actions visually. Therefore, we have brought this business icon set where you will get 24 different line icons in 6 different formats including light and dark versions.

About this Free Business Icon Set

Icons that you will get with this pack are contacts, directions, settings, documents, presentation, target, money, bank, calculator, light bulb, award, security lock, location, bag, shop, chats, etc. All these icons are professionally designed and ready to use anywhere you want. Moreover, our icons are fully compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Canva, Adobe Illustrator, and other applications as well.

Features of this Free Business Icon Pack:

  1. This set includes 24 business icon
  2. Professionally designed line icons
  3. Includes gradient and duo-tone icons
  4. Both light and dark icons are included
  5. Includes editable PowerPoint file
  6. Get transparent PNG icons as well
  7. Compatible with other applications
  8. Free to download and use
  9. Best for web, presentations, or print

Watch this Business Icons Template Video:

Interested to see what you will get with this free business icon pack! Watch the template video and discover more details.

Get this Free Business Icon Pack (24 Icons):

Download this free business icon set where you will get 24 unique icons in 6 different colors and styles (including light and dark versions). Since it is a free template of PowerPoint School, you can support our work by becoming a member in Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee and get access to our amazing premium templates as well.

2 Different Versions of This Icon Set:

This free business icon pack has two different versions with three different color styles including black and white line icons, duo-tone, and gradients.

Light Version (Line Icons):

In the light version, you will get black line icons including both duo-tone and gradient styles.

Dark Version (Line Icons):

Whereas in the dark version, you will get white line icons including both duo-tone and gradient styles as well.

More Information About This Business Icon Set:

This icon pack contains 24 necessary business icons such as contacts, directions, settings, documents, presentation, target, money, bank, calculator, light bulb, award, security lock, location, bag, shop, chats, etc. Additionally, we are providing 3 different color styles that you can use.

Black and white line icons: Black and white line icons are very popular and widely used. Therefore, we have provided both with this business icon pack.

Duo-tone icons: Using 2 different colors in a particular icon is a modern design trend that is called duo-tone icons. So, you will find both light and dark versions of duo-tone icons within this package.

Gradient icons: We have also provided very trendy gradient color combinations for this business icon pack. Download and feel the

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have tried to answer some of your queries and discussed a few important details about this business icon pack.

Where can I use these icons?

Our icons are very professionally designed and look modern and clean. So, you can use these icons in presentations, videos, print materials, or the web.

How do we edit or customize these icons?

It is very simple. You just need to open the PowerPoint template file that we have provided and make the necessary changes. For example, you can select an icon and change its size or color, then you may save it in PNG format.

Does it include transparent PNG icons?

Yes! We have provided all these 24 business icons in high-quality PNG file format with transparent backgrounds.

Do you have more icons like these?

Yes! You can check our full collection of free PowerPoint Icons and use them in your upcoming projects.

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