Free PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Free PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Nowadays, you must update the way of designing your PowerPoint template. Otherwise, it may seem boring and as usual to your audience. So, you must consider making an attractive PowerPoint presentation slide. Here, PowerPoint School can help you with its free templates.

About this PowerPoint presentation slide

As before, we have created another stunning PowerPoint template. It has around 20 different slides and most of the slides have the drag and drop feature. Moreover, the best thing about this template is that it is a multipurpose PowerPoint presentation slide that you can use in any type of presentation.

Features of this PowerPoint template

  1. 20 unique presentation slides
  2. Attractive layout designs
  3. Drag and drop feature included
  4. Fully animated presentation slides
  5. Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Watch the tutorial video

We will publish a step-by-step tutorial video very soon. There you will get to know how to edit this template within just a few minutes.

Download this PowerPoint template

Just click on the download button and you will get the ZIP file which contains the PowerPoint template. Please, remember that there are two different folders. One is the demo file and another is the main template. Though you can use the demo file for a better understanding of this template, make sure that you are using the template one to create your own PowerPoint presentation slide.

Information about this template

After watching the tutorial video, you may consider reading this brief documentation. Here, we will discuss how you can edit the whole template with your presentation content.

Step 01 Delete unnecessary slides

First, you need to choose which slides you are going to use in your presentation. Then, simply delete the unnecessary slides.

Step 02 Add your texts

Each slide contains a few different text boxes with the demo texts. So, you just need to replace the demo texts with your information.

Step 03 Add a picture or video

Adding pictures and videos is very easy because here we have used the drag and drop feature. So, just click on the image or media placeholder and select the picture or video that you want to add.

RGB color values

  • Rose: (255, 89, 105)
  • Teal: (82, 203, 190)
  • Gold: (254, 198, 48)
  • Teal: (93, 115, 115)
  • Lime: (146, 208, 80)

These are the RGB values that we have used in this particular template. If you want, you can use these as well. We believe that you will find this template very useful for making your PowerPoint presentation slide. As we are working so hard to build these templates and provide for free of any cost, we expect you to be kind enough to share our work with your friends and colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s answer some of your most asked questions about this free PowerPoint template.

How to edit this PowerPoint template?

As it is a drag-and-drop-ready template, you hardly need any skills in PowerPoint. Therefore, you just need to choose which slides you are going to use for your presentation. Then, simply add your texts and pictures which is very easy to do. If you need any help in editing, you can watch the video that we have provided with this article.

Where can I use this template?

It is a multipurpose PowerPoint presentation slide. So, feel free to use it in any type of presentation. The theme will perfectly match no matter what types of content you have.

Do I need the latest version of PowerPoint?

No! You do not need the latest one. This template will work in any version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

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  • Muchas gracias por compartir, todas están geniales, facilitan mucho el trabajo, excelente trabajo. Muy agradecida.

  • These templates make my work easy, thank you so much


  • Thanks lot for sharing, its really professional , well done

  • Hi
    Thank you for making such great templates.
    can I use the free templates for a education training ppt? the training is free in our company.

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