Animated Emojis Template with Different Facial Expressions

Animated Emojis with Facial Expressions Editable Template in PowerPoint

Emojis are very useful to express or represent any reaction by different facial expressions. Whereas, animated emojis can bring more engagement in your presentations or videos. That is why we have worked on and shared this template with our viewers.

About this Animated Emojis Template

We have created this amazing animation project with emojis of different facial expressions only on PowerPoint. It is a sample slide containing four different types of animated facial expressions whereas in our premium template, you will get thousands of prebuilt emojis and an emoji builder template. You can use our emojis as animated icons in your reels, and short or long-form videos. It will highly increase the engagement of your videos. So, do not wait! Check our free and premium emojis and use them wherever you want.

Features of this animated emoji template:

  1. Get 4 different types of facial expressions
  2. Animated facial expressions for each emoji
  3. Happy, anxious, angry, and surprised emojis
  4. Editable & customizable in PowerPoint
  5. Can be used in a PNG, GIF, or MP4 format
  6. Comes with a PREMIUM (Bundle & Builder)
  7. Available in both free and premium packs

Watch the Template & Tutorial Video:

Watch the tutorial video where we have shown how to design these emojis in PowerPoint and animate them using the PowerPoint animation tool.

Get these animated emojis for free:

Download these free animated emojis with 4 different facial expressions. This is just a sample slide of one of our premium projects. So, you can check our full emojis bundle and builder template and get access by becoming our premium member. Moreover, you can check out our other free PowerPoint animation templates that will make your designs far better than others.

More Information about our emojis:

In this free animated PowerPoint template file, you will get 4 different types of emojis happy, anxious, angry, and surprised expressions. All these emojis are fully animated and look very professional and attractive. At first glimpse, you may think that you are seeing an Adobe After Effect Project. But we have designed and animated everything in MS Office PowerPoint. So, you can change the size and color of our animated emojis and export or save them as PNG, GIF, or MP4 videos.

Our Emoji Builder Template (Premium):

We have created a drag-and-drop emoji builder template where you can easily create thousands of emojis with different facial expressions. It will give you the freedom to customize the emojis. So, get access to this premium emoji builder template. You may watch the below video to understand how our builder works in PowerPoint.

Our Emoji Bundle 1200+ (Premium):

With the emoji builder, we are also providing thousands of different prebuilt emojis with so many facial expressions and layouts. Get access by becoming a member of our Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon page.

Watch the video overview of this premium emoji bundle and builder template:

By watching this video you will get an overview of this premium pack and also learn how easily you can build an emoji with different facial expressions. Even, you can add hand or leg gestures as well.

Get access to this premium template:

This emoji bundle and builder template is available for download and use for our premium members only. So, to get this package you can take our monthly membership for just 10$ in Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee (whichever platform you prefer) and get access to our whole premium templates library that we update every single day. There is another option without taking a monthly membership, you can even purchase this single product as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have answered some of your questions and a few important details about these animated emojis with different facial expressions.

Are these emojis animated with facial expressions?

Yes! In this free template, we have provided 4 different fully animated emojis of happy, anxious, angry, and surprised expressions. All these mentioned expressions are available with very eye-catching animations.

Is it possible to convert these emojis into GIFs, PNGs, or MP4?

Sure! It is the true beauty of our templates that you can use in any file format that you may need. Since we have created our templates in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you can save them as a transparent PNG or export them as an animated GIF or high-quality MP4 video.

Can you edit our emojis?

Our emojis are easily editable and fully customizable in PowerPoint. Therefore, you can simply change it to your preferred color or size.

Where can you use these animated emojis?

Emojis are very popular and you can express your emotions through it. So, it has huge use cases. Since one can use our emojis as PNG, GIF, or MP4 videos, there are no restrictions on using them in any format.

Do we have more emojis like these?

Yes! You can check our full collection of emojis with different facial expressions. We have a huge library that contains 1000+ emojis in different layouts.

How can you get access to our premium emoji bundle and builder template?

Our premium emoji bundle will give you access to 1000+ emojis with different types of facial expressions. Whereas, with the emoji builder tool, you can build or customize the emoji in your way with eyes, nose, mouth, hair, hands, and legs. Since it is a premium template of PowerPoint School, you can get access by becoming a MEMBER on our Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon page.

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