Motion Graphic Sunrise Animation a Cartoon Background in PowerPoint

Motion Graphic Sunrise Animation Template in PowerPoint

This is another challenging project like what we did in the animated coffee shop cartoon background template. Similarly, we have created a motion graphic sunrise animation effect in PowerPoint. For animations or motion designs, most of us rely only on Adobe After Effects. One hardly thinks of creating this type of animation in PowerPoint. So, in PowerPoint School, we are trying to break that dependency on expertise in high-end applications.

About this Sunrise Animation Template

In this template, we have created a natural background where the sun is rising and daylight is spreading all over. It is a very charming animated cartoon background that you can use in your presentation or video projects.

Features of this animation template:

  1. Motion graphic sunrise animation effect
  2. Suitable for presentation or video projects
  3. After Effects project but created in PowerPoint
  4. Can be exported into a high-quality MP4 video
  5. Available for free to download and use

Watch the Template & Tutorial Video:

If you are interested in learning how we have created this motion graphic sunrise animation using only PowerPoint tools, watch the below tutorial video. Or you can visit our YouTube Channel – PowerPoint School for more awesome tutorials like this.

Get this animation template:

Download this animated template for free. You can use it in your presentation or any video project. As it is easily editable in PowerPoint, you can recreate something more special.

Get More Information:

In PowerPoint School, we are trying to simplify the process of animating anything with the help of the PowerPoint animation tool. In this particular project, we have made a cool motion graphic effect that shows night turning into day with a sunrise. Likewise, in our other animation templates, we have used some basic PowerPoint shapes for example rectangles and circles to design whole natural objects such as land, trees, mountains, houses, sun, and clouds. In addition, we have only used fade and line animations to create such a motion graphic cartoon background.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have answered some of your most asked questions and a few important details about this animation template.

Where should you use this animation template?

In this animated cartoon background template, we have tried to create a sunrise animation effect. So, if you have a project that matches the vibe of this template, you can use it as a PPT file or export it in MP4 video format.

Is it possible to create After Effects projects in PowerPoint?

Yes! That is exactly what we are doing. For the projects that we think are tough to create in After Effects, we simply create them in PowerPoint. Therefore, our audience feels very comfortable to use and edit our templates.

Can we use this template for free?

Sure! Most of our templates are available for free. Though we have a good collection of Premium Templates for our premium members. You can become our premium member in Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon pages (whichever platform you prefer).

Can we create more animated scenes like this?

Yes! You can create more awesome animated cartoon backgrounds like what we have created. You just need to think creatively and appropriate use of the PowerPoint tools are enough. We have dedicated animation tutorials. So, you can visit our YouTube channel – PowerPoint School to be the master of PowerPoint.

How do you export or save animations as GIF or MP4 formats in PowerPoint?

If you have the latest version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you can export your animated slides as GIF or MP4 file formats. However, there is another option, you can use screen recording software to record the animation and then use editing software to edit and export the video.

If you have further queries, you can comment or check out our other free PowerPoint animation templates.

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