PowerPoint Animatied Infographic Slide

PowerPoint Animated Infographic Slide

During a PowerPoint presentation, it is very important to attract your audience.. That is why you should use eye catchy animations that will add an extra value into your PowerPoint slide. So, today we are proving a well designed and animated infographic slide template for you and for free of any cost.

About this animated infographic slide

In this particular template, we have tried to give an animated infographic look to our presentation slide with attractive color combination. Moreover, you can easily edit this template and it will be ready to attract your audience.

Features of this template

  • Highly customized animation
  • Attractive color combination
  • Well designed information blocks
  • Easily editable option

Watch the template and tutorial

Make sure you watch this video to know how the animation works. It will also guide you every single steps that we have followed to make this particular PowerPoint template.

Download the template file

You can simply download this animated infographic slide and use it in your own presentation. But please remember that you can not use our free files for commercial purposes.


Information about this template

You may read this informative written documentation to get a clear idea about this particular PowerPoint template file. Here, we have divided the process in two different stages. At first you need to create the necessary elements and then go for the animation.

Make the necessary elements

Before adding any object into your PowerPoint slide, if you want you can change the slide background color. For this template, we have used light gray color for the slide background.

Step 01 Use merge shape

To have four independent one fourth of a full circle, you have to use the fragment which is under the merge shape option. Then, delete the unnecessary parts and change the colors.

Step 02 Add the text boxes

When you have four different one fourth of a circle, you need to add few text boxes on them and also some explanation text boxes on the both sides.

Step 03 Group those elements

Before going to the animation part, you need to make a group of each shape with with its respective text box. To group press Ctrl+G from your keyboard.

Add the animations

After creating all the necessary elements, you need to make five more duplicates of your current PowerPoint slide. Then, start adding the animation from slide two to five. Here, we have used line animation which is under the motion paths. After adding the animation on each group, you need to set start after previous, duration 0.50 seconds and from effect option increase the smooth end.  

RGB color values

  • Bright Green: (32, 174, 151)
  • Olive Green: (171, 197, 112)
  • Gold: (247, 171, 49)
  • Red: (203, 77, 60)

You will get all the custom color with the template file but if you want, you may use these RGB values also to get the same.


Moreover, you may check our free resume templates also. If our works are helping you, make sure you let us know through a comment. That will be so inspiring for us.



  1. you are awesome…. i have used your work in many of my projects and everyone just loves it. they think im the powerpoint guru!

  2. You really helped me improved my presentation. I hoped you continue to do your amazing designs. Great job!


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