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PowerPoint Animated Text Template

From our point of view, PowerPoint is the easiest way to create animated videos. If you are not a professional, software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. can make you frustrated. Whereas, PowerPoint provides simple functions to understand and create anything great very easily. Our today’s template is based on animated text where you will learn a few tricks to use PowerPoint animations efficiently.

About this animated text template

In this PowerPoint template, we have tried to illustrate an animated text design. It is mostly similar to kinetic typography. If you want to make an intro, this template will help you a lot. Moreover, you can use this PowerPoint template for other purposes as well.

Features of this animated text template

  1. Typography animations
  2. Two different color combinations
  3. Similar to kinetic typography
  4. Includes minimalist design
  5. Fully editable PowerPoint file

Watch the tutorial video

If you want, you may watch our tutorial video. It will give you a clear idea about animated work. Moreover, you can also check our other astonishing PowerPoint tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel.

Download this PowerPoint template

As always we are providing this PowerPoint animated text template for free of any cost. Just click on the download button and you will get the ZIP file.

Information about this animated text template

With this article, we are providing a brief written documentation where we have discussed the whole process. Here, we have divided the creation process into two different parts. Firstly, you need to add all the necessary objects such as shapes and text boxes. Secondly, you must use the PowerPoint animation tool to get your desired animated text.

Creating the necessary objects

See what are the objects we have used in this template!

Step 01 Add the line shapes

In this stage, you need to pick a line shape and make a straight line. After that change the outline color and increase the weight. In addition, make a few more duplications of that line shape by pressing Ctrl+D and place those in a way so that it looks like a square rectangle.

Step 02 Add the text boxes

After adding the line shapes, you need to add the text boxes. Remember, for this template we have used “Tw Cen MT” font.

Adding the animations

Step 01 Add wipe animation

For all the line shapes, you need to add wipe animation (from the entrance). After adding all the entrance animations, use the wipe animation again (from exit).

Step 02 Add fly-in and fly-out animations

To get the entrance effect on all the text boxes, you have to add the fly-in and for the exit effect add the fly-out animation.

You can use this animated text template for making any intro or kinetic typography video or with the help of our idea you can create something more attractive. As we are working so hard to give you the best work, make sure you share our work with others and show us your kind piece of support. Moreover, you may check our other free PowerPoint animation templates as well.

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