Free PowerPoint Presentation Template

Free PowerPoint Presentation Template

A best PowerPoint presentation template must have the ability to grab the attention of your target audience. Otherwise, it can be boring and will not fulfill the purpose of your presentation. That is why, PowerPoint School is trying to make more energetic and attractive presentation templates for your and for free.

About this PowerPoint presentation template

This is a multipurpose presentation template which you can use in any type of presentation. Here, everything is ready, you just need to put your own content. Moreover, we have used a very unique and attractive color combination for each slide. With the template file you will get two different folder one is with animation and another is without animation. So, you have the option to choose any one from there.

Features of this presentation template

  • 22 unique PowerPoint presentation slides
  • Eye catching color combination
  • Organized infographic view
  • Fully customizable elements
  • Tw Cen MT font has been used
  • With and without animation files are included

Watch the template file

If you want to know more about this particular template, please watch the video. Here, you will get to see each slide with the animations.

Download the template file

To download this template file, just click on the download button and you will get the ZIP file which contains two different folders one is for with animation and another is for without animations.


How to edit this PowerPoint template

Our template file is very easy to edit but if you need further information, you may read this short article provided below. Moreover, you may visit our YouTube channel also. There we have provided all the tutorial videos regarding this PowerPoint template.

Step 01 Change the texts

Our template file contains, all the demo texts so that you can simply replace those by your own information or content. Here, we have used “Tw Cen MT” font and it looks really professional but if you want you can change it later.

Step 02 Add or delete a slide

There we have provided 22 different and unique slides. But you may not need all the slides for your presentation. That’s why if you want to delete a slide, from the left side area select that particular slide and press the delete button. Moreover, if you want to add a new slide, from that right side area right click and select new slide.

Step 03 Change the pictures

In the demo file, you will get to see few sample pictures that we have added. So, to change those, simply delete the current picture and add your own. Remember, that you may be need to crop and resize your picture to get a perfect one.

RGB color values

  • Light gray: (230, 231, 233)
  • Dark Teal: (3 161 164)
  • Orange: (238, 149, 36)
  • Pink: (239, 48, 120)
  • Blue: (28, 124, 187)
  • Dark Green: (56, 87, 35)

You may use these RGB values to get the exact color combination that we have used to make this PowerPoint template.


If you have any suggestion, you may let us know through a comment. And please, show us your support so that we get the inspiration to create more awesome contents.


  1. These are awesome tutorials, simple and easy to understand. Best of all, the templates are simply the best. Thank you so much. God Bless you and all that you do!

  2. How can I use the rgb colors and morph transition to my own powerpoint work??I am using 2013 model

  3. Assalam o allikum, i saw your presentation masha allah awesome . You are artist. Thank you for provide a luxurious service for free.

  4. thanks a lot.. you make our time easier.. tomorrow is my big day at office.. you’ve help me out.. i share you to all my friends,, keep up the good work

  5. This is great. I think what you do is absolutely useful and helpful for many of us. In my case, I am a language teacher and this is so interesting for my and my students. Thank you.

  6. Sir PPTs are really osom but I cant be able to download the PPT presentation from your drive link, can you fix that bug so everyone can able to download the template.

  7. I really think you guys are talented and I am thinking about your course. Thank you for such clear instructions!

  8. beyond the level of super.Sir please make a slide show for class teaching of maths. I am waiting. Thanks .once again heartly cogratulation for greatest work.

  9. Thank you so much for this! I must say that you guys are way better than Prezi!. It has just saved sooooo much of time.

  10. asalamu alaikum bro zaman. your are doing a fantastic job keep it up….
    i have a presentation on “onion routing ” and needs more than 20 slides apprx. i need your advice regarding the template which one will suite me best …
    may almighty keep you and your family always happy in both the worlds….

  11. I stumbled upon your website and boy am I glad!! Excellent PPTs and I truly appreciate you sharing this with us!! Do send me updates and keep up this fantastic work!!


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