Animated Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

Animated Infographic PowerPoint Presentation Template

Infographics are the best way to deliver your content through a PowerPoint presentation. It can easily grab the attention of your audience through visualization but make sure you are using the proper template according to your presentation content or topic.

About this PowerPoint presentation slide

This PowerPoint presentation template contains a single infographic slide with attractive animations. If you have to explain any step-by-step process, this template will be your priority. Moreover, we have added the font “Tw Cen MT” which looks great on a PowerPoint slide.

Features of this template

  1. Single presentation slide
  2. Attractive color combination
  3. Includes proper animations
  4. Infographic outlook

Watch the tutorial video

If you want, you may watch the tutorial video which will guide you to create or edit this exact PowerPoint template.

Get this PowerPoint template

As always we are providing our PowerPoint presentation template for free of any cost. Just click on the download button and you will get the ZIP file.

Information about this template

Here, we have proper written documentation where we have discussed the step-by-step process in brief. At first, you need to create the infographic and then you can add the proper animations on them. Please, remember that for this PowerPoint template, I have used the light gray color in the slide background.

Step 01 Add a few shapes

At first, you have to add a top corner rounded rectangle and then rotate vertically. After that pick an oval shape, holding the ctrl+shift drag it in the top middle of the previously added rectangle. Then, holding the ctrl button select these two shapes, go to format, and from merge shape select subtract.

Step 02 Setting custom shadow

Before using the shadow on the shape, make sure you have changed its color and removed the outline. Then, to add the shadow, open the format shape option, go to effect, and from there you need to make some changes. Those are:

  • Shadow color: Black
  • Transparency: 77%
  • Size: 107%
  • Blur: 10 pt
  • Angle: 0 degree
  • Distance: 0 pt
Step 03 Add a few more objects

After adding the shadow, again add a rounded corner rectangle and place it behind the previous shape. Then, add a few necessary text boxes and the icons with their respective color. You can download free icons from’s website.

Step 04 Add the animations

For the rounded corner rectangles we have added the float in animation and for the other objects we have added the zoom animation. Please, watch the tutorial video to have a clear idea regarding the whole process.

RGB color values

  • Light gray: (230, 231, 233)  
  • Dark Teal: (3 161 164)
  • Orange: (238, 149, 36)
  • Pink: (239, 48, 120)
  • Blue: (28, 124, 187)
  • Dark Green: (56, 87, 35)

This infographic PowerPoint slide can be used for any sort of presentation but especially to explain any steps or process, it will suit the best. As we are providing this PowerPoint presentation slide for free, we may expect your kind piece of support for our work. If you want, you may check our other free PowerPoint templates as well.

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