Transform Boring PowerPoint Bullet Points into Stunning Presentation Using Morph Transitions and Animation

Convert PowerPoint Bullet Points into Cool Presentation Slides (Free Template)

Stop using boring PowerPoint bullet points! Let’s convert your presentation slides into beautiful ones with some simple techniques that we have used in this template. Our main goal is to create an engaging slide instead of using only static bullet points. That is what we have covered in this template using PowerPoint animations and morph transitions.

About this Animated PowerPoint Bullet Points Presentation Slide

Say goodbye to boring PowerPoint slides with static bullet points only and welcome the new presentation trends. Today’s template is going to convert your bullet points into an engaging and interactive presentation slide. In this particular template, you will see a number countdown effect, images sliding from the top, text typewriter effect, etc. Every element we have added to this template will wow your audience!

Features of this animated slide:

  1. Includes 2 different types of animated slides
  2. Use of morph transition effects and animations
  3. Highlighting 5 bullet points with images and texts
  4. It has a scrolling countdown number effect
  5. Includes a text typewriter animation effect
  6. Suitable for presenting any bullet points or lists
  7. Professionally designed and animated slides
  8. Interactive and engaging presentation template
  9. Download the template file and use it for free

Watch the Template & Tutorial Video:

Watch this tutorial video and learn how to use PowerPoint animation and morph transitions to create a beautiful-looking PowerPoint presentation slide with numbers, texts, and images.

Get this PowerPoint bullet points slide:

Download this animated PowerPoint presentation slide template and present your bullet points like a professional! In Addition, you can check our other free PowerPoint animation templates or PowerPoint presentation templates.

For those who do not have morph transition:

With this template, you will get 2 different files one is created using both morph transitions and animations, and another using only animations. So, you have both options. Use the one you prefer. However, some of you may not have the morph transition in your version of PowerPoint until you are using the latest one. Therefore, we have given the animation-only option. Although there is an easy trick, you might be able to use the morph transition effect in our template file. As we have already added the transition effect on our slides, you will be able to use the effect only on our template file. This trick may work with your version of PowerPoint. So, try it now! and feel the magic of the morph transition effect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have tried to answer some of your questions and a few important details about this timeline PowerPoint template.

Where can you use this PowerPoint presentation slide?

It is a ready-to-use presentation slide, though you may need to replace the images and texts with your presentation content. This template can be used in any type of presentation where you need to showcase a list or bullet points. It will help you to grab the attention of your audience and create a lasting impression. Try it now, and thank us later!

Which font have we used in this template?

In this PowerPoint template, we have used the Bungee font which looks stylish and futuristic. It is a free Google font. So, if you want the same font that we have used, you can download the font and install it.

Which version of PowerPoint do I need for this template?

Almost all our templates are fully compatible with any version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. But here in this template, we have added the morph transition which is available in Office 365, and only some of the latest versions of PowerPoint. Since we have added the morph transition in our template file, most of you will be able to use it without having it in your version of PowerPoint. In that case, you need to edit and use our template file only. But we have provided a solution with another template that has only the animations and it will work in any version of PowerPoint.

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