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Free Animated PowerPoint Intro Slide

We always try to generate and implement new ideas for our PowerPoint projects. Here, we have created another one. This is an intro slide animation that you can use and edit very easily according to your purpose.

About this Animated PowerPoint Intro Slide

In this PowerPoint animation work, you will get to see some eye-catching animations. Moreover, you will also get a unique background animation concept.

Features of this Animated PowerPoint Intro Slide

  1. Animated background scene
  2. Built with simple PowerPoint animations
  3. Fully editable PowerPoint file
  4. Requires PowerPoint 2013 or any latest one

Watch the tutorial video

We have a step-by-step tutorial video to guide you. Please, try to watch the video first and then consider reading the written documentation. Moreover, for more quality PowerPoint tutorial videos, you can visit our YouTube Channel as well.

Download this animated PowerPoint template

Just click on the download button and you will get the file in a ZIP format. If you face any difficulties to download, please let us know.

Information about this intro slide

With this article, we are providing a brief written documentation where we have discussed the whole process. You may consider reading if it is necessary for you.

Creating the necessary objects

At first, you need to add all the necessary objects such as different shapes and text boxes that are needed to make this PowerPoint intro slide.

Step 01 Change the slide background

At first, change the PowerPoint slide background color to black. Then to decorate the slide add a few block arc shapes and a plus sign. After adding these shapes, change their color to white.

Step 02 Add a transparent rectangle

Now to cover the background that we have created, add a rectangle shape and change its color to black. Then, go to the format shape option and increase the transparency to 15% so that we can get a slight view of the background.

Step 03 Add other small shapes

Over the transparent rectangle, we have to add some very tiny colorful shapes such as hollow, block arc, plus sign, etc.

Step 04 Do something more

In this step, we will duplicate (press ctrl+d) the background shapes that we have created before. Then, place the duplicated one in the top corner outside of the slide and group (ctrl+g) with the previous ones. Follow the same steps for duplicating and grouping the tiny shapes.

Step 05 Add the text boxes

After doing so, you need to add the text boxes. Here, for this template, we have used 3 text boxes where we have used the Tw Cen MT font.

Adding the animations

When all the necessary objects are ready, you can start adding the animations. Let’s discuss what we have done here!

Step 01 Add line animation

At first, we will animate the background object (in a group). So, select that group, go to animation, and from add animation select the line that is under the motion path. Then, drag the red arrow to the right side down. After that change the time setting and from the effect option select auto reverse. Follow the same thing for animating the group of tiny shapes.

Step 02 Add fly-in animation

After animating those two groups, add fly-in animation for the text boxes and change their direction of entering into the slide. Moreover, from the effect option, you may increase the smooth end. Make sure, you set the time according to your needs.

Step 03 Add fly-out animation

At the end, you need to add multiple animations on the text boxes so that you get both enter and exit effects. Make you to set start with the previous and increase the delay.

RGB color values

  • White: (228, 228, 228)  
  • Black: (13, 13, 13)
  • Rose pink: ()

You may use these RGB values to get the same color that we have used to create this PowerPoint template.

As always we are providing this beautiful PowerPoint intro slide template for free of any cost. If our work has helped you, make sure to let us know through a small piece of appreciation. Moreover, you may check our free PowerPoint templates as well.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s answer some of your questions in detail.

Which version of PowerPoint do I need for this exact template?

We have created this intro slide animation in PowerPoint 2016 but you may also use PowerPoint 2013. If you are using an older version, you may not get the exact animations that we have used in this template.

Where can we use this PowerPoint template?

If you need to create an intro or outro for a video, you can use this template. Moreover, you can use this one in your presentation slide.

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