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Free PowerPoint Infographic Chart Animation Presentation Template

An animated infographic chart is a great way to present your boring stats in an engaging way. Today’s template will help you showcase any set of data or percentage values through this animated speed meter.

About this Animated PowerPoint Infographic Chart Animation Template

In this PowerPoint presentation template, we have come up with an idea to present a percentage value indicator through an animated speed meter. The concept is very simple but elegant. Additionally, it can increase your presentation quality and create a lasting impression.

Features of this animated chart template:

  1. Animated infographic data and charts
  2. Suitable for data-based presentations
  3. Shows an animated percentage indicator
  4. Designed like a speed meter infographic
  5. Compatible with Google Slides and Keynote
  6. Free template file to download and use

Watch the Template & Tutorial Video:

We have a dedicated tutorial video on this animated infographic chart template. So, you may watch it to learn or get the idea of editing this template with your presentation content.

Get this infographic chart template:

Download this free animated PowerPoint infographic chart template and use it in your presentations. It will help you to indicate any percentage value in an infographic style. Additionally, you can check out our other free animated infographics for presentations.

More Information about this animated infographic chart template:

In this PowerPoint template, we have used an animated speed meter to present a percentage value indicator. To design this infographic slide, we have used some basic shapes of PowerPoint such as circles and triangles. Whereas, in animation, we have used spin animation for the indicator and object color change animation for the percentage value. Also, we have added some fly-in animations for the text boxes as well. We would recommend watching the tutorial video to get a better knowledge of the making process of this PowerPoint template.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here, we have answered some of your questions and a few important details about this animated infographic data and charts template.

Where should you use this animated chart template?

If you have a presentation that needs to show some percentage values or any data or charts, you can use this animated infographic template. It will increase the quality of your presentation.

Can you download this template for free?

Yes! As most of our templates are free, you can download and use them for both personal and commercial purposes.

How do you edit or change the animated data or value?

The editing process is simple but tricky. Therefore, we recommend watching the tutorial video. If you have a different percentage value from the template file, you need to change a few animation settings. For example, change the spin amount for the indicator and object color animation settings.

Which font do we use in this template?

We have used the Poppins font family. As it is a very popular free Google font, you can install and use it.

Enjoying our work! Check our free resume templates or the best PowerPoint animation templates.

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