PowerPoint Slide Animation Template

PowerPoint Slide Animation Template

Nowadays, using so many text in a presentation slide can easily make your audience bore. So, you should make attractive and engaging PowerPoint slide for getting a better impression. That is why we are trying to come up with new ideas to make your PowerPoint slide better and more organized.

About this PowerPoint Slide

This PowerPoint slide has a unique and attractive color combination with highly customized animations which may create better engagement with your audience.

Features of this PowerPoint slide

  • Attractive slide animations
  • Unique color combination
  • Font used “Tw Cen MT”
  • Well designed bullet points

Watch the tutorial video

We have a step by step tutorial for this PowerPoint slide animation work. So, you may consider watching this video to get a clear idea. Moreover, you can also visit our YouTube channel for more PowerPoint related tutorials and templates.

Get the free template file

You can get this animated PowerPoint slide for free. Just click on the download button and you will get the template file as a ZIP format.


How to create this Powerpoint slide

After watching our tutorial video, if you have any confusion or interest to have better idea you may consider reading this written documentation. We have divided this section into two parts where at first you need to create all the necessary presentation elements and then go for the animation part.

Create necessary elements

At first, you need to create all the necessary elements such as circles, icons, line shapes and text boxes. After that you can go for the animation part.

Step 01 Add the circles

You can see that we have used few circles of different colors and sizes to make this PowerPoint slide. Make sure you hold Ctrl+shift when you are adding the oval shapes.

Step 02 Add the icons

Icons are very useful to make an attractive and engaging PowerPoint presentation slide. You can get free icons from flaticon.

Step 03 Add line shapes

In the template file, we have used two line shapes in a group to point out our presentation content or bullet points.

Step 04 Add text boxes

At the end, you need to pick three text boxes where you can add your presentation content as a bullet point. Here, in the template file, we have used Tw Cen MT font.

Add the animations

After adding all the necessary elements, you can add the animations on them. Here, you need to remember that each section will have the same type of animations. Such as, at first use zoom animation on the circle, icon and text box accordingly. And for the line shapes you need to add the wipe animation.

RGB color values

  • Light gray: (230, 231, 233)
  • Dark Teal: (3 161 164)
  • Orange: (238, 149, 36)
  • Pink: (239, 48, 120)
  • Blue: (28, 124, 187)
  • Dark Green: (56, 87, 35)

These are the colors that we have used in this particular PowerPoint slide. So, you may use the RGB values or download the template file.


If you want, you may also check out our PowerPoint templates which can be very helpful for making attractive presentation slides. Make sure, you let us know your thoughts through a comment and share this template with others.



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