Free Creative Resume Template

Free Creative Resume Template by PowerPoint School

Free Creative Resume Template

A creative resume is very important to grab the attention of your interviewer. That is the reason, you have to be very careful when you are making your own resume. But to make your work much easier, PowerPoint School is trying to provide lots of free resume templates.

About this creative resume template

We have developed this resume on Microsoft Office PowerPoint. If you are not familiar this application, you need not to worry at all. Because, everything is ready and you just need to replace all the demo information by your own.

Features of this resume template:

  • Clean & simple representation
  • Ready to print for A4 paper
  • Included reference block
  • Demo instructions are given
  • Font used “Tw Cen MT”

Watch the tutorial:

We have a step by step tutorial for this particular resume template. So, you may consider watching this video to get a clear idea that how we have created this resume.

Download the template file

Just click on the download button and then you will get this resume template as a ZIP format. Before editing, you need to extract that file and you are ready to go.


Brief instructions about this resume template

If you have watched our tutorial video, you may not need to read the below instructions. But to get an clear idea about this particular resume template, you may continue reading.

Section 01 Change the picture

At first you have to remove the demo picture that is given in the template file. To do so, right click on the picture and select change picture. Please remember, you may have to crop or resize your picture to get the perfect look.

Section 02 Name block

Under this block you will get two different text boxes. One is for your full name and another is to write down what is your job or what you do.

Section 03 About me block

In this section, you have to be very brief and clear about yourself so that your interviewer gets a better idea about you.

Section 04 Completed projects block

This block is going to be very helpful for those who works as a project basis

Section 05 Work experience block

Here, write down the company names where you have worked before. In this block, you will also get few text boxes to provide the necessary information.

Section 06 Education block

In this section, give a brief information about your education background such as degree name, university name and the year of completion.

Section 07 Contact me block

Here, write down all the contact details so that the interviewer may contact with you later, if it is necessary. If you do not need any of the provided text box, you may delete those also.

Section 08 My skills block

This section is about what are skills that you have and how much efficient you are on a particular job or skill. You can easily change the demo text and the color of the skills measurement circles.

Section 09 Reference block

If you want to use one or two people as a reference in your resume, you may use this section. Here, you will get other text boxes to provide their contact information also.

RGB color values

  • Gold: (255, 192, 0)
  • Light Gray: (235, 235, 235)

When you are done with adding all the necessary information, you can press Ctrl+P to print directly, if there is any printer connected. Moreover, you can also save your resume as a PNG format to print later.


If you are enjoying our work, make sure you share this creative resume template with others and also let us know your thoughts or suggestion through a comment. Moreover, you may also visit our YouTube channel for more free PowerPoint tutorials and template files.



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